Team Regirock was one of the original three teams on TPI and consisted of; Shellos, the captain, Ponyta, Starly, Buneary, Slakoth, Gible, Houndour, Cherubi, Magby, Spiritomb, Drifloon, Whismur, Mantyke and Vulpix

Team Regirock Group Photo


Slakoth, was eliminated in Episode 2 The Big Sleep, putting him in 14th place on his team

Ponyta, was eliminated in Episode 5 The Scary Outdoors, putting her in 13th place on her team

Gastrodon, was eliminated in Episode 7 Are You Scared Now?, putting him in 12th place on his team

Lopunny, was eliminated in Episode 8 A Dark Deal with Darkrai, putting her in 11th place on her team

Spiritomb, was eliminated in Episode 11 To Be Trusted or Not To Be Trusted, That is the Challenge, putting him in 10th place on his team

Driftblim, was eliminated by Houndoom in Episode 12 Throwing a Wrench in the Game, putting her in 9th place on her team

Gabite, was eliminated by Nidorino in Episode 12 Throwing a Wrench in the Game, putting her in 8th place on her team

Exploud, was eliminated by Cherrim in Episode 12 Throwing a Wrench in the Game, putting him in 7th place on his team

Mantine, was eliminated in Episode 19 Ar U Cereus?, putting him in 6th place on his team

Staraptor, was eliminated in Episode 20 Plates, Sprites and Jumpluff, Oh My! , putting him in 5th place on his team

Ninetales, was eliminated in Episode 23 Red, White and Pink Rhyhorns, putting her in 4th place on her team

Magmortar, quit the game for Cherrim in Episode 31 Evolution and Seperation , putting him in 3rd place on his team

Cherrim, was eliminated in Episode 35 A Regi Headache, putting her in 2nd place on her team

Houndoom, won Total Pokemon Island in Episod 37 Arceus's Descent, putting him on 1st place on his team